Welcome to the #FunkoFamily

When I first started collecting Funko figures back in August 2015, I never realized how big it was, or how big of a deal I would take it. I’ve always seen Funko POPs! in stores, heard about how some people keep toys in general mint-in-box, but that was it. Once I started posting on Instagram and understanding the effective use of the hashtag, that was when I stumbled onto a community of Funko collectors. A #FunkoFamily.

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Hello…it’s me.

I never would have thought of myself as a collector of any kind, especially Funko Pop figures. I remember seeing them when Barnes & Noble first started carrying them in the toys & games section. At the time I never saw the appeal of spending 10 bucks for a vinyl figurine that didn’t do anything but turn it’s head and look adorable. I did however purchase from BN my first ever pops; Batman & Superman in 2010.

FullSizeRender 5

And that was it, my entire collection. I got a few more over the years as Christmas gifts and freebies. Then in March 2015, I was super excited when I heard they were coming out with Star Trek: TNG characters. As a huge Star Trek fan how could I not. So as a birthday gift for myself I purchased my 6th and 7th Pops; Captain Picard & Will Riker.

And then for a really short time I was happy with my little collection. Picard and Riker stood next to my bed on the end table and served no purpose but to look adorable. Thinking about the rest of the crew, I told myself I didn’t need to own them. I was happy with my two.

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