Welcome to the #FunkoFamily

When I first started collecting Funko figures back in August 2015, I never realized how big it was, or how big of a deal I would take it. I’ve always seen Funko POPs! in stores, heard about how some people keep toys in general mint-in-box, but that was it. Once I started posting on Instagram and understanding the effective use of the hashtag, that was when I stumbled onto a community of Funko collectors. A #FunkoFamily.

The Art of the #Hashtag

When I first started posting on Instagram, I started using hashtags to try and help showcase and promote my page. I initially made hashtags for characters or franchises for the Funko POPs! that were in my photos (such as #startrek, #marvel, #supernatural, etc). However, once I started developing a following of people that wasn’t just my friends, I took note of the hashtags they were using:

  • #FunkoFamily – General use for posts for the Funko online community.
  • #WeFunkoPop – Started by @wefunkopop, an account dedicated to showcasing people’s favorite POP. By using their hashtag, you may be reposted by them.
  • #SPNFamily – a general tag for all things Supernatural, not limited to Funko POPs. There is a huge online community for Supernatural already, so this is a great way to showcase Supernatural POPs!

And as the months went by, I started getting more and more POPs, I went from having only 7 at the beginning of August to now six months later at 62. I started getting more and more POPs and I started coming up with more and more great photo ideas. I enjoyed mixing and matching different franchises. Star Trek with Marvel or Supernatural with Game of Thrones. I remember after watching Ghostbusters on a day off, I then wanted to purchase the POPs for them so I could recreate iconic scenes from the film. And so the slippery slope continued.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 6.33.40 PM
The Funko Posse FB Group

Finding a Funko Support Group: The Funko Posse

By the end of the year, I started to think to myself that perhaps I had too many figures. I was one away from 50 (I received a bunch from my girlfriend for xmas which increased my total) and I thought perhaps I should cut back. “I think I have too many” I said. Maybe I would only get two more and be done for a while.

But then I discovered in January a Facebook group called The Funko Posse created by another collector Kelley Walker (@FunkoBoss). This was a place where people could share, comment, discuss, buy/sell/trade, everything Funko POP related. A formal Funko Community. A support group for the addicted.

“Hi, my name is Rick. I am a Funko addict”

FullSizeRender 2Once I joined, I posted in the group about my predicament. In the beginning of January, I had declared “just one more POP”, however by the end of the month I had purchased 10 more figures. I sorta felt like I was attending an AA meeting. “Hi, my name is Rick. And I’m a Funko Addict”. Once I shared my concern with the group, the responses I received were really positive.

There were people that had collections of over 100 POPs, 200 POPs; some had collections similar to mine but in obtained them in half the time; others had boxes stacked from floor to ceiling. There were people were posting how they went to the store in seek of a specific POP and came away with half a dozen others. So that’s when I realized that I was fine, and that I was not alone.

I really believe finding this group has definitely enhanced my experience with the whole Funko Collecting. Being able to find like minded people that share the same level of enthusiasm as I have is amazing.

It’s not just about ‘likes’, but words of encouragement and support

All I want to do is to make people laugh and smile and it’s comments like these that really mean the world to me. I am really grateful to be part of this one big #FunkoFamily.

Huge Supporters from the very beginning ❤



One thought on “Welcome to the #FunkoFamily”

  1. Dude…your IG is really great…❤them pics. Your blog…👍.
    I have a limited education (didn’t pass the 6th grade), but reading ur blog was the best thing I’ve read 😃


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