Hello (again)…it’s mini-me.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could hang out with Iron Man and Captain America, travel through time with The Doctor in the TARDIS, or hang with the Winchester brothers and their nerd angel Castiel? Now I can in Pop! spirit with my newest custom Funko Pop. My girlfriend commissioned someone (Ryan Custom Pops) on Etsy to create a mini-version of me.

I shall call him…”Mini Me”

FullSizeRender 12

When she handed me the box containing my custom pop and I opened it, I was surprised. She tried to read my reaction and was afraid I didn’t like it. Maybe it was disbelief? Maybe it was shock? I would say one never knows how they’d react to seeing themselves in toy form. But after the shock wore off I exclaimed repeatedly “I’M A POP!!”

The likeness is uncanny. My large glasses, my favorite red patterned shirt, my converses, and holding my very large iPhone. Ryan who did the custom did an amazing job. I had a lot of fun showing it off to friends today and seeing their reaction to recognizing who they were staring at. I even wore the same outfit for added effect.

So now I can finally join my Pops! on adventures too.


Looking forward to seeing what adventures my mini-me will find himself in and the Pops! he will meet along the way.


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