Hello…it’s me.

I never would have thought of myself as a collector of any kind, especially Funko Pop figures. I remember seeing them when Barnes & Noble first started carrying them in the toys & games section. At the time I never saw the appeal of spending 10 bucks for a vinyl figurine that didn’t do anything but turn it’s head and look adorable. I did however purchase from BN my first ever pops; Batman & Superman in 2010.

FullSizeRender 5

And that was it, my entire collection. I got a few more over the years as Christmas gifts and freebies. Then in March 2015, I was super excited when I heard they were coming out with Star Trek: TNG characters. As a huge Star Trek fan how could I not. So as a birthday gift for myself I purchased my 6th and 7th Pops; Captain Picard & Will Riker.

And then for a really short time I was happy with my little collection. Picard and Riker stood next to my bed on the end table and served no purpose but to look adorable. Thinking about the rest of the crew, I told myself I didn’t need to own them. I was happy with my two.

61834E94-9F25-4C0B-97BF-7BE8EA6FA8C3And then in August 2015, I decided it would be fun to take Picard and Riker out with me around the city, to explore random places of the city with them in hand. That’s how it began. I started a separate Instagram account for Picard and his Number One called @CaptPicard_AwayTeam.

I thought “It isn’t much of an away team with only two” so I then purchased Data, Worf, Geordi, and even Troi (All of which I told myself I didn’t need).


Also in August 2015, I participated in Gishwhes (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen), and one of the items was to create a memorial tribute for the late Leonard Nimoy. And that’s when I got Spock. But how could I have Spock without Kirk?


And don’t forget Amazon exclusives, that’s how I managed to get Iron Man and Captain America (both Mask-less). And with my newly purchased Amazon Prime Membership I was no longer restricted to $35+ for free shipping which further enabled my Funko addiction.

Then in September I got into Supernatural, so I then needed to have all of them; Sam, Dean, Castiel (with wings), Castiel (with wings), Crowley, Charlie, FBI Sam and Dean, and so on…you get the idea.

And that’s how you go from having only 5 at the beginning of March to 58 as of today. And more to come. Do I have any regrets? Not at all. My wallet may not like it but it’s totally worth it.

FullSizeRender 3

I not only enjoy collecting them, but also staging them in scenes for photos on my Instagram. Over the past few months it has changed and evolved. From it’s purpose; from the original Captain Picard’s Away Team adventures to a much larger and more encompassing of pop culture My Pop Trek: A Geek’s Journey including characters from Marvel, DC, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Star Wars and more.

FullSizeRender 2But one of the most amazing things I have gotten out of collecting Funko Pops is the huge  collector base that exists, and how welcoming and supportive they have all been. The purpose of this blog is to share in my journey, help those that are just getting started, and to celebrate other collectors like myself that simply love Funko Pops.

Welcome to my pop trek!

One thought on “Hello…it’s me.”

  1. It was so Awesome! To get a background on how you got infected with the Funko Pop Virus.. I love how creative you are with your shots.. I loved getting a feel for your background!!! I am ashamed of myself that I began just in July 15′ and I am already over 200 Pops in … I just found out about the huge community the past few months but I unlike you have always been a collector and well… I knew the minute I started I honestly would be what I am now.. A Pop Fiend.. I just had no idea how much fun I would have getting to meet people like myself who share in this Funko Pop Apococalypse .. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to what’s to come!!!


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